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Emerald Coast Restaurant Consulting Workshops & Seminars

How to open a restaurant

Strategies on all of the steps that need to be taken in order to get your restaurant open topics include the importance of writing a business and financial plan, how to establish your business entity, financing options, choosing between purchasing a business opportunity versus a build-out, strategies for working through the permit process and more. 

How to write a restaurant business plan

Emerald Coast Restaurant Consulting will take you through the steps of writing a business plan for your restaurant concept  we help you to define your concept and business description and develop your marketing and financial strategies. Most landlords and banks will want to see a copy of your plan prior to signing a lease or giving you a loan. The finished product is a fully developed business plan and set of financials that are loan application ready. Your business plan will prove to the bank, an investor, and most importantly to you, that this is a risk worth taking.

How to buy a restaurant and negotiate a lease

This seminar outlines the options for purchasing a restaurant.  Whether you are buying an existing restaurant business or negotiating a lease for a space, this seminar is highly recommended for the startup restaurateur. Negotiation is an art and a science and this seminar emphasizes proper representation but more importantly, some of the items that you should be asking for from the landlord.

Menu pricing and menu item placement

Whether you are a startup restaurateur or an existing restaurant that needs to improve the bottom-line, this workshop is for you.  We will show you how to price your menu for profitability using recipes and portion control teaching you industry standard markups sharing trade secrets for restaurant pricing, menu engineering and inventory control.

How to improve and control food costs

We will look at the ways you can take to strengthen up your food cost controls. Controlling food costs is a never-ending challenge to restaurant owners and managers. The ability to control the purchase, production and sale of food items often will determine the very survival of the restaurant.
With the increasing amount of costs in other areas of the operation, controlling food costs has become even more critical. Also, consumers do not understand the increasing costs you face and are reluctant to pay higher prices. Because of this, it is not easy to pass on higher costs to your customers.

How to establish a “PRIME COST” budget server, bartender & kitchen training, made fun and motivating.