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“Award Winning” Japanese Sushi & Hibachi Restaurant

Authentic, “Award Winning”, Japanese Sushi & Hibachi Restaurant

Realize Your Dream of Being the Owner of this Award-Winning, Japanese Restaurant – Established in 2007, this 188-seat, Landmark Restaurant has been a Culinary Fixture Serving the Pensacola, Florida Community for Over 15-years –


Voted “Best of The Bay” 11-years in a Row, for Best Sushi, Best Hibachi & Best Japanese Restaurant.

Ideal for an Owner Operator, Husband & Wife / Family Business – Highly Rated and Recommended – Great Reputation to Continue to Build Upon.

• Perfect Location, in High Traffic Area
• Average Weekly Sales – $49,000
• 5,000 square feet – 188 Seats
• Fully Loaded Kitchen with 20-ft Hood
• Four (4) Vented Hibachi Tables
• Attractive Sushi Bar & Sake Bar
• Dine-In, Take-Out, Curbside Pickup & Catering
• Serving Full Liquor, Wine, Beer & Sake
• Fantastic Reviews and Loyal Clientele
• Excellent Books & Records.
• Ample Parking and Easy Access
• May Qualify for Visa

Lender Pre-Qualified with 10% Down

The “Award-Winning” Owner/Chef, would consider remaining in an Advisory Capacity for a Mutually Agreed Period of Time.

Excellent Food, Excellent Staff and Excellent Reputation… Makes this an EXCELLENT Opportunity – A Definite Must-See!!

Seller is Extremely Motivated – Seller Will Help with a Smooth Transition
Will Entertain All Reasonable Offers – Possible Seller Financing –

Tallahassee’s Premier Asian Fusion Restaurant

Realize Your Dream of Being the Owner of this High-Quality, Asian Fusion Restaurant – Specializing in Authentic Vietnamese, Thai & Vegetarian Classics –

This Cozy 150-seat, Landmark Restaurant has been a Culinary Fixture Serving the Tallahassee, Florida Community for Over 6-years

Ideal for an Owner Operator, Husband & Wife / Family Business – Highly Rated and Recommended – Great Reputation to Continue to Build Upon.

• Average Weekly Sales – $15,000
• 3,000 square feet – 150 Seats
• Rent is $6828 a Month with Long-Term Lease
• Serving Full Liquor, Wine, Beer & Teas
• Fantastic Reviews and Loyal Clientele
• Excellent Books & Records
• Fully Turn-Key, The Perfect Opportunity
• Dine-In, Take-Out, Curbside Pickup & Catering
• Ample Parking and Easy Access
• May Qualify for Visa

Excellent Food, Excellent Staff and Excellent Reputation… Makes This An EXCELLENT Opportunity – Seller Will Help with a Smooth Transition – A Definite Must-See!!!
Asking $400,000

Tallahassee’s Premier Asian Fusion Restaurant by EmeraldCoastRestaurantBrokers

New Location Announcement – Jacksonville, Florida

The Emerald Coast Restaurant Brokers and Consultants are excited to announce their new location in Jacksonville, Florida!

We know that the wait has been long but we promise it has been worth it! Servicing the Jacksonville area will help us to better evaluate the many issues that the restaurant industry faces and provide solutions that will help businesses thrive.

Our professional services will help to increase efficiency and improve bottom line results. With our team of experienced professionals, we’re dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients, and we are excited to be able to offer our services to restaurants in Jacksonville.

If you’re looking for help with restaurant brokerage services or consulting, the Emerald Coast Restaurant Brokers and Consultants are the perfect team for you.



Why Work With Us?

We’re a one-stop shop for all your restaurant needs, and we’re dedicated to providing the best possible service to our clients.

Our Expert Restaurant Consulting Services in Jacksonville helps all types of restaurants meet their goals.

  • We have over 35 years in the restaurant industry and have the experience and expertise to know how to help you with your
  • We realize that every restaurant is different, so we take the time to get to know
  • Only once we know your restaurant and your goals and wishes for it are we able to make an expert assessment and plan to help you

Don’t trust just anyone to help you with your Jacksonville Restaurant Consulting Services. Our success comes from helping you to be successful, and we are committed to making that happen. From dramatic changes to hard-driven improvements, we can help you establish your Jacksonville restaurant, build a solid customer base, or help you find a qualified buyer if you are ready to sell.

So, if you are in Jacksonville and looking for a broker or consultant, look no further than the Emerald Coast Restaurant Brokers and Consultants! We’re here to help you succeed.

Visit our website or give us a call today. We’re looking forward to serving you!!

Emerald Coast Restaurant Brokers and Consultants 850-635-5391

Why you need a restaurant consultant when selling your restaurant

FSR Magazine reports that 60 percent of restaurants fail within their first year and 80 percent fail to survive beyond five years. (And, of course, Covid-19 in 2020 didn’t do any favors.

Most people working in the restaurant industry won’t be surprised by these statistics. Although they know the odds don’t always favor them, restaurateurs persevere because they are passionate about what they do.

Even the most experienced restaurateur can still benefit from the guidance of a consultant or restaurant manager. Restaurant consulting services are valuable for anyone looking to open a restaurant, or revamp an existing one. They can offer invaluable insights and guidance that will help you stand out, delight customers, and avoid costly mistakes.

Here are four things you need to know about restaurant consultants so that you can make an informed decision on whether this is the right choice for you.

What is a restaurant consultant?

You can hire a restaurant consultant to help run your business more efficiently and profitably. They can work independently or in a team. They might be hired to address specific problems or challenges in your business. They can also provide general guidance on your business operations, finances, and employees with the aim of helping you achieve sustainable growth and success.

Any of the following services can be offered to restaurant consultants:

  • Design branding and concept
  • Accounting and financial planning
  • Pricing and menu development
  • Efficiency in staff training and hiring
  • Choose the right location and property for your restaurant
  • Assistance in franchising

A restaurant consultant is a must-have.

A restaurant consultant can be a valuable resource for both novices and veterans.

A consultant is available to help owners and operators who are starting a new restaurant, especially those who have never opened one before. This could include creating a brand, developing a concept, hiring staff, and selecting technology.

Consultants can help restaurateurs run a restaurant to find areas they can optimize or fix problems. A consultant can help restaurateurs who are struggling with high turnover to assess their hiring processes and workplace culture and make sure they attract and retain the best talent, and keep them competitive with other restaurants. Consulting can help you automate your operations, reduce costs, and run more effective marketing campaigns.

What are the expectations of a restaurant consultant?

A restaurant consultant will spend time watching your restaurant’s day, front and back, if you have an established restaurant. The restaurant consultant can also get a sense of your current operations by tasting your menu and talking with customers, servers, bartenders, staff, and hosts.

The consultant will then make suggestions based on your specific needs, including changes to your menu, interior design and brand, concept, spending, customer service, and kitchen operations. The consultant will work with you to create and implement a plan. This could include major changes such as rebranding, moving/adding new locations, or retraining employees, implementing new technology, or cleaning up financials. Depending on your engagement structure, a consultant might simply make recommendations and pass them on to your team. Or they may implement those recommendations and ensure that they are successful.

It’s a good idea to hire a consultant early on in the process if you plan to open a restaurant. Your consultant will talk with you about your ideas, help you create a plan and brainstorm new ways to implement them. They’ll also check in periodically as you open the restaurant. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, your consultant will likely visit you after your establishment is open.

What is the cost of a restaurant consultant?

The fee scale determines how much a restaurant consultant will cost. You have a few choices.

Monthly, hourly, or daily retainer

It all depends on your experience and where you live, but restaurant consulting fees range from $250-1000 per day or $40-$120 an hour if done on site. If it’s more convenient, you can negotiate a monthly retainer fee.

Goal- or project-based

Restaurant consultants may charge by the project or according to your goals. The restaurant consultant can be asked to include in their proposal the estimated time and hourly rate for the project. A clause will then be added that the consultant will be paid per hour or per day if the project takes longer than expected.

It is common for out-of-pocket expenses and travel expenses to be separately billed and should be included in your proposal.

Use your time efficiently as a restaurant consultant

You are paying for the time of your consultant. You should give your consultant as much detail as possible from the beginning. This will ensure that you don’t have to spend time redoing steps to get your desired result.

Time To Step Down? Three Warning Signs

In our line of work, we’ve seen it more than a few times – a business gets old, it gets stale, and the passion that created it has waned. Someone who started out as a young professional operates for years and years, gets older and tired of the job, but stays in it anyway.


Whether it’s a family business or a team of partners, knowing when it’s time to step down is important. But how do you know that?


We’ve seen some of the major and most common signs of restaurant malfunction as we work with clients to buy and sell restaurant businesses. Here are a few that may be signs that something needs to change.


Unmanageable Food Costs


This may be one of the more obvious signs of trouble in some cases. When someone in charge of a restaurant’s business model is losing their grip in terms of planning, it often manifests in the form of sky-high food costs. That’s because wasted food costs money, and ineffective management leads to more waste. Not getting more diners in the door on any given table service means food takes longer to turn over, and it gets old or needs to be thrown away. Or worse, it’s not thrown away, but still used after it has turned. Then you lose more customers, and the vicious cycle continues…


Dirty Food


As a restaurant owner or manager becomes less able to micromanage the kitchen in key ways, you see it in the quality of what ends up on the plate. You may see sauces with dried out skins, dangerously perishable food handled at improper temperatures, and more. All of this may be a sign that whoever is running the business needs additional input and assistance from a fresh set of eyes.


The Blame Game


Some people just won’t admit when they’re beat. This type of problem in the restaurant game often leads to finger-pointing and recriminations between the owner, general manager, head chef and some of the rank-and-file servers and kitchen staff who make things happen every day.


In our experience, when the blame game starts, the underlying problem usually has to do with a need for change at the highest levels – changing the management, bringing in skilled consultants, or ultimately selling the business.


We can help with that last one. With excellent business evaluation, feasibility study services and more, Emerald Coast is a restaurant and food service consulting and services firm with a reputation in the area. Call us and get help for the future of your business.

Proper Preparation Prior To Putting Your Restaurant On The Market Will Ensure A Better Offer

Selling your restaurant can be an exciting time as well as one full of stress and anxiety. Regardless of the reasons you have for selling, you are letting go of a business that you have dedicated exorbitant amounts of time and energy, which means you need to receive your full asking price. Emerald Coast Restaurant Brokers & Consultants understands the emotional, physical, and financial stakes involved in the selling of your restaurant which is why we are sharing a few tips that will help you prepare yourself and your restaurant for the process of selling.

Focus On Appearances

Before you put your restaurant on the market for sale, focus on its appearance both inside and out. You want everyone who passes by and who walks into your restaurant to be impressed with its upkeep. Focusing on curb appeal and interior design doesn’t necessarily mean you need to totally remodel, it simply means to spend time and energy where it is needed most.

For instance, cleaning out landscape and tending to your outside areas will allow it to show well in first impressions. First impressions matter, you hook a potential buyer at their first sight and first experience in your restaurant, and you only have one shot at a first impression. Replace struggling plants, declutter, and clean your interior spaces, and make any upgrades that you can so that buyers can see the value in your establishment.

Financials & Legalities

Once you have the front of the house in order, turn your attention to the back of the house. According to professionals, one of the most common reasons restaurants fail to sell, or sell for far less than they are worth, is due to the owner’s financial records being poorly maintained. Inaccurate and incomplete bookkeeping and record-keeping is a warning sign to potential buyers that turn off a sale before it even gets started. Make sure your bookkeeping is in a standardized format that is easily understood, and make sure all of your purchasing and sales records for at least the last 6 months are readily available and organized.

Ensure Licensing & Permits Current

Potential buyers will be concerned about the current state of all of your licensing, permits, and health inspection results. Make sure you are up to date on everything that relates to the running of your business, such as liquor licensing and lease agreements, and organized with upcoming permitting or inspections, prior to putting your restaurant on the market.

Emerald Coast Restaurant Brokers & Consultants is ready to help you sell your restaurant, our experienced team is happy to speak with you, contact us today.

Selling Your Restaurant: Everything to Know

If you own a restaurant, you have likely thought about selling at one time or another. However, even if your restaurant is a huge success and customers are lined up at the door, figuring out how to sell your restaurant is not as simple as selling a car or a home. It may take a few months to make a sale, and it will pay to start preparing as much as a year ahead of time.

Deciding to Sell

You may get into the restaurant business to keep it until you retire. However, today, this is rare. Several obstacles may be keeping a good restaurant staying that way. Illness may affect the owner’s productivity, burnout can occur, and economic conditions can change.

However, not everyone will decide to sell because something went wrong. Partnership disputes may occur, or owners may get bored with the business. It does not matter what the reason is for wanting to sell; you must decide this is what you want and then set your mind to it.

Create a Marketing Plan to Sell

After you have decided that selling is the right option, you must market the business. There are several things to consider when creating a marketing plan. These considerations include:

  • What does your location offer?
  • Does your restaurant offer any unique features?
  • Is scarcity a selling factor?
  • What is the lifestyle of a potential buyer?

When you consider these things, you can begin to build a viable marketing strategy that will ensure you have the best chance of selling quickly and for the price you want.

Appraising Your Restaurant

After you have created a marketing strategy, you can set a price. Setting the right price for your restaurant is often tricky. If you choose a price that is too high, you may have to wait for years to sell. However, if the price is too low, you may be giving buyers the idea there is something wrong. Also, you will lose money on the sale.

If you want to figure out the value of your restaurant, you must assess everything valuable, from the smallest to the largest. Your physical assets are the easy part of this process. It is possible to put a fair market price tag on your building, the land, and equipment. The next step is your financials. Possible buyers will want to know if your restaurant is making money and request your bank statements and tax returns to back up the claims.

Are You Ready to Sell?

Are you ready to sell your restaurant? If so, it is a good idea to seek help from professionals. They can help you figure out the right steps to take to ensure that you get the right price and that you can sell with ease when the time is right. Being informed is the best way to ensure you are successful. While there are no guarantees. Since this is true, working with a restaurant consultant is a smart move. 

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