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Where to Eat at Marlins Park

Marlins-Parkcv.jpg Attention sports fans! Baseball season is on its way and starting this Monday there’ll be plenty of ballgames to attend throughout the month of April. If you are watching any games at Marlins Park, there are a bunch of dining options while you’re there. In honor of the 2013 opening day, we’ve compiled a guide to all the spots as well as our recommendations. Check out what the stadium has to offer, from A Taste of Miami to Sir Pizza and more.
Marlins Park’s Five Standouts

Marlins%20Media%20Tasting%2021.jpgThe Clevelander: Say what you will about the South Beach watering hole, but it will no doubt be the talk of the games thanks to the actual pool built out in left field. Signature items include Tater Tacos, The Magnum hotdog and the Mahi Mahi sandwich. And of course, lots and lots of cocktails. [left field]
Marlins%20Media%20Tasting%2011.jpgBurger 305: Although the Mets’ park Citi Field has a Shake Shack, the Marlins’ Burger 305 has some pretty fancy offerings, including a Miami Marlins Shrimp Burger ($13) with lime aioli on torta bread or a Buffalo and Blue Chicken sandwich with hot sauce, blue cheese and ranch dressing. [Section 113
Marlins%20Media%20Tasting%2031.jpgMetro Grill: Signature items here include a Lime ‘n’ Lobster Roll ($17) –Florida lobster salad on a toasted split bun with chives or a Tenderloin BLT with seared beef, bacon and blue cheese signature steak sauce. [Section 202]
Marlins%20Media%20Tasting%2041.jpgFan Feast: Here’s where you get your hot dogs. The Sobe Hot Dog has mango slaw, chipotle mayo and potato sticks on it. You can also get yours plain if you’re not the Sobe type of baseball fan. [Section 123]
tasteomi.jpgA Taste of Miami: Here’s where you get your Latin kick. This food court will be offering food from Papa Llega y Pon, Cuban sandwiches from Latin American Grill and fish ceviche from Don Camaron. [Section 27]