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Hiring a consultant is difficult for many independent business people. Independent business people often pride themselves on toughness and self-sufficiency. When you are squeezing every penny to make it through the early years of the business, it’s hard to invest in anything that doesn’t provide an immediate return.

You need to be smart and objective about your business. The restaurant business is very complex. For most operators of independent restaurants, hiring a Consultant is inevitable. They realize they don’t know as much as they would like about every aspect of their complex business. They need help from someone who has been there and done it before.

Emerald Coast Restaurant Consulting its founder, Marty Bombenger has owned, managed and operated many successful restaurant concepts and found that his personal passion is helping businesses grow rather than simply keeping a successful operation on course.

Emerald Coast Restaurant Consulting Team can bring their ideas and solutions that have been successful, as well as, profitable in many other operations. They bring with them, specialized knowledge, skills and experience, as well as, a combination of problem-solving and game-planning techniques for each and every possible situation.

Emerald Coast Restaurant Consulting being an objective outsider, we will be able to recognize and implement solutions more effectively than you and your staff. We can provide a fresh, objective point of view with a creative solution.

  • Are You Starting a New Restaurant?
  • Is it Time to Re-Design Your Concept?
  • Does Your Menu Need More Energy & Excitement?
  • Are Your Food and Beverage Costs Out of Control?
  • Need Professional Help Buying or Selling a Restaurant?