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Emerald Coast Restaurant Brokers & Consultants are Restaurant Turnaround specialists. Many times, inexperienced or absentee restaurant owner-operators, do not have the ability to effectively hire and direct their management. We bring our unique team of talented and experienced restaurant professionals who each specialize in a specific area of restaurant operations.

Our team of experts led by Marty Bombenger, will provide the leadership and necessary guidance to achieve quick, profitable results. Our management team will dramatically increase the profit potential that you, individually, would not be able to achieve on your own.

The Emerald Coast Restaurant Brokers & Consultants Team will improve profits significantly, which will enhance the value of your Restaurant Real Estate & Business by impressive multiples.

A well-formulated business plan is one of the most important ingredients in making any new business a reality. Establishing objectives ensures that your restaurant serves the needs of its owners and investors. Under our Emerald Coast Restaurant Brokers & Consultants restaurant management agreement, we will take over the day-to-day management of a new, distressed or absentee owned restaurant property, and completely reorganize the restaurant operation to profitability.

Our Specialties include:
Are Your Restaurant Profits Not Satisfying Your Expectations…..
  • Let Us Compare your P&L to the Industry Averages of Profitable Comparable Restaurants
  • We Will Identify your Opportunities of Improvement
  • Then Provide Step-By-Step Solutions and Recommendations to Help Improve your Profitability…


  • FREE… Profit & Loss Analysis
  • FREE… Restaurant Evaluation
  • FREE… Initial Consultation
  • Restaurant Start-Ups – Expansions – Turnarounds
  • Business Plan & Investor Presentations
  • Restaurant Concept Creation & Recipe Development
  • Profit & Loss Analysis, Budget Management & Profit Improvement
  • Inventory Systems & Accounting Controls
  • Menu Design & Writing
  • Kitchen Design & Layout
  • Restaurant Operations & Training Manuals
  • Restaurant Management Hiring, Training & Development
  • Restaurant & Nightclub Contract Management Service
  • Restaurant Bookkeeping & Payroll Service
  • Food Safety Audits & Systems

Evaluating the feasibility of your concept and location is an invaluable tool that will ensure the protection of your investment. Emerald Coast Restaurant Consulting will conduct an in depth analysis of the successes and risks associated with your project, and present you with an evaluation that will highlight the probability of your business.

Our concept and location evaluation may include:

  • Analysis of the area demographic
  • Review of comparable restaurants
  • Determination of guest profiles
  • Identification of holes in the market
  • Evaluation of sales performance of local restaurants
  • Annualized sales projections

A well-formulated business plan is one of the most important ingredients in making any new business a reality. Establishing objectives ensures that your restaurant serves the needs of its owners and investors.

Emerald Coast Restaurant Consulting will deliver a formal presentation of attainable business goals and profit projections in a detailed customized business plan, as well as detailing the following:

  • Market analysis
  • Business overview
  • Mission statement
  • Products and services
  • Operating model
  • Management and ownership
  • Funding structure
  • Sales and profit projections
  • Return on investment analysis

Your weekly detailed report breaks down your sales, food, liquor, labor all in dollar amounts and percentages, by each individual department.

  • Weekly sales reports & recaps
  • Weekly & monthly P&L reports
  • Prime cost analysis report
  • Payroll service
  • Accounts payable
  • Balance sheet

Creating an operations manual for your restaurant is an undertaking that will benefit all members of your team, as well as improving your operations, bottom line and business value. Your operations manual describes a consistent mode of action and standard of performance – whether for a single restaurant or a network of franchises. The operations manual provides management with a useful reference tool for day-to-day processes, as well as detailing a clear understanding of your expectations. It will enable your business to run more efficiently with less work and more profit. The finished document that Emerald Coast Restaurant Consulting will provide describes what needs to be done, how to do it and defines the final results that you want to achieve.

Emerald Coast Restaurant Consulting will cost out each of your food products to insure that menu pricing is profitable.

Emerald Coast Restaurant Consulting ”specialized” menu costing service includes:

  • Complete recipe cards
  • Kitchen training manual for recipes and portioning
  • Photos of each plated item to insure proper plating and portioning
  • Complete inventory sheet that can be used to conduct physical weekly & monthly inventory
  • Vendor order sheets
  • Par system so that anyone on-site can place the right order
  • Weekly Worksheets are also used to help you compute your weekly food cost and to prepare a budget for the upcoming week

A comprehensive Restaurant Operation Assessment is a top-to-bottom approach to your entire restaurant business, from the front door to the back door. We evaluate all procedures and systems, standards of operations, guest and employee experience, cost controls, quality of products and services, price versus value relationships, execution of the known standards, & management and employee training and leadership. You will receive a thorough assessment of current operations and specific measurable recommendations for improving efficiency and maximizing profitability.

The Restaurant Operation Assessment Will Include:

  • Documentation analysis review of your business
  • Financial profit & loss review
  • Cost reduction recommendations
  • Vendor and supplier review
  • Labor productivity improvement recommendations
  • Brand positioning and brand development strategies
  • Menu evaluation, placement, costing, pricing & profit analysis
  • Sales-driving, marketing and brand strategies
  • Management accountability processes
  • Training assessment
  • Standardization of processes and systems
  • Recommended action plan and goal setting
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