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5-Unit Independent Restaurant For Sale in Destin FL

Florida 5-Unit Independent Restaurant Opportunity!

Destin, FL (Okaloosa County)

Business Description

Authentic 5-Unit American Cantina Concept – Florida Panhandle

Great Concept, Multiple Stores, Incredibly High Sales and Excellent Earnings – Strategically Located in High-Traffic Areas, only Minutes Away from Some of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Florida!

Incredible, Rare Opportunity to Own This Authentic, Multi-Unit Group of Florida Panhandle, Spanish / Latin American Restaurants. This Award-Winning, Five Location, Authentic Spanish / Latin American Cantina, Independent Brand Package, is a Home Run – Perfect for Experienced Operators Looking to Expand their Portfolio with Highly Profitable Locations.

This Well-Established Organization, Prides Itself on Fresh, Flavorful and Made to Order Choices – Demonstrating a Passion for Fun and Flavor. This is a Family Friendly Restaurant Brand, with a Great Balance between Lunch, Dinner & Bar Sales.

Investor’s Take Notice!!! Rare Opportunity to Become and Instant Multi-Unit Restaurant Owner…If You’re Seeking Your Next Opportunity, in the Business-Friendly State of Florida, this is the One – What Better Way than to Hit the Expanding, Florida Panhandle Market, as an Instant, Multi-Unit Owner!

This Unbelievable, Authentic Latin American Cantina Concept, is Situated in Five Different, Strategic Locations, positioned throughout the Florida Panhandle

The Restaurants are Completely Turnkey, all you Need is the Key Running Smoothly, and Set Up for Success, with a Knowledgeable and Fully, Well-Trained Staff of over 120 Employees.

Fully Equipped Kitchens with and Extensive Equipment Package at each Location. This is Not a Startup or Emerging Concept

The High Six Figure Earnings, Qualify this Multi-Unit Restaurant Enterprise, for SBA Lending. SBA Lending Available for Qualified Candidates, Approval in Days, with as little as, 30% Down.

Very ConfidentialAll Buyers Must Financially Qualify Before the Executive Summary, Name & Location is Released.



Ice Cream Shop For Sale in Pensacola

Everyone Loves Ice Cream!!! Pensacola

Pensacola, FL (Escambia County)

Business Description

Get Out of the Rat Race and Slow Down Your Life with an Excellent Opportunity to Acquire a Fun Business with a Low Investment.

Adorable 25-seat, Ice Cream Shop, serving Premium Products, is located in a Busy Shopping Mall, Surrounded by Major Retail Stores, in a Highly Desirable Location of Pensacola Florida.

Offering an Amazing Variety of Rolled & Hand Dipped Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt, Smoothies, Yogurt Shakes and Boba Teas, Bubble Milk Teas, Flavored Teas and Drinks.

A New Owner Could Easily Expand the Product Line to include Additional Items to Boost Sales. With 1036 sq feet the Potential is Limitless.

Award Winning” Sushi Bar & Grill For Sale in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach, FL (Bay County)

Business Description

Unique Asian, Sushi Bar & Grill, with Open-View, Sushi Bar, located in a Panama City Beach, Florida, Established, Dominant, and Highly Visible, Shopping Plaza.

2,010 total square feet, with Combined Total of 70 Seats in a Mix of Tables and Booths


  • Cozy Atmosphere, Serving Great Sushi, Teriyaki, Tempura, Yakitori & Stir Fry
  • Excellent Opportunity for Someone Looking to Continue this Asian Concept
  • This Highly Acclaimed, Fully Turn-Key, Full-Service Asian Restaurant has been

Operating for 13 years under Continuous Ownership of its Founder.

  • Rent is $2800 a Month with Long-Term Lease
  • Restaurant is Fully Equipped – Furniture, Fixtures and Kitchen Equipment, are Well Maintained and in Good Condition, with 12’ Hood System.
  • A Fully Turn-Key, Perfect Opportunity
  • Ample Parking and Easy Access
  • May Qualify for Visa

Must-See!! – Asking $275,000


Authentic Mexican Restaurant For Sale in Okaloosa County, FL

Business Description

Authentic Mexican Concept…

This Authentic Mexican, Quick-Service makes Phenomenal Mexican Food with the REAL Flavors of Authentic Mexico. This New, 11-month-old, Fast Casual and Authentic Mexican, has just been Fully Renovated – Perfect for an Owner/Operator to Take Over an Established, Turn-Key Business and Build on It

This 3000 sq.ft., Venue, is Free-Standing, in a Prime Location, Strategically Located on a High-Traffic Road, only Minutes Away from Some of the Most Beautiful Beaches in Florida!

Open Less than a Year – Rent is $4,120/month, with 3-years remaining on the Lease, with Options – Ample Parking with High Visibility

Amazing Mexican Cuisine, Made to Order in a Quick Service Format – The Perfect Menu for those Craving Delicious Mexican Cuisine, serving Beer & Wine –

Great Concept with Spacious Indoor Seating for 116, along with, Take-Out and Delivery. Well Known by Locals for its Authenticity, Generous Portions, Great Prices with a Bright, Comfortable, Laid-Back Ambiance.

MOTIVATED SELLER – Asking $525,000



Asian Restaurant For Sale in Pensacola

Pensacola, FL (Escambia County)

Business Description

Florida is Open for Business & Business is Booming!
Unique Asian, Combo Concept, with Open-View, Sushi Bar, located in a Pensacola, Florida, Established, Dominant, and Highly Visible, Anchored Shopping Mall.

1,800 total square feet, in Two Separate Spaces, with Combined Total of 70 Seats, plus Courtyard Mall Seating, in a Mix of Tables and Booths


  • Cozy Atmosphere, Serving Great Sushi, Hawaiian Style Poke Bowls, Asian Boa, Boba & Fresh Thai Tea
  • Excellent Opportunity for Someone Looking to Continue this Asian Concept
  • This Highly Acclaimed, Fully Turn-Key, Full-Service Asian Restaurant has been

Operating for 15 years under Continuous Ownership of its Founder.

  • All Time Sales Records in 2021
  • Ample Parking and Easy Access
  • May Qualify for Visa

Possible Owner Financing With 75% Down

Must-See!! – Asking $495,000


How To Decide If You Should Purchase A Restaurant

Restaurant ownership is a dream for many people. Whether by starting your restaurant or purchasing an existing business, owning a restaurant is a significant investment. In many ways, buying a restaurant can be more complicated than opening a new one from the ground up. 


New restaurants face different challenges and disadvantages than existing restaurants. However, established businesses can also come with a host of challenges and pitfalls. Before you purchase an existing restaurant business, consider these aspects to ensure your investment is well placed. 


Past Success And Future Prosperity

The past success of a restaurant may indicate its future prosperity. This connection is a starting point for evaluating an established restaurant and should be explored before signing on the dotted line. One of the most vital questions to answer during your evaluation is why the owner is selling the restaurant. A business owner always sells for a reason, and you need to feel comfortable with what that reason is and why. 


While the answer you receive from the seller may seem negative, it is up to you to look beyond stated reasons for putting the business on the market. Due diligence at this point will help you make the best decision for your investment. Consider circumstances of the seller’s reasoning, such as increased competition, neighborhood change, and restaurant reputation. Answers to these questions may not indicate that purchasing the business is a bad idea; they merely help you to understand the scope of your work ahead better. 


Assets Of The Restaurant

Upon purchasing a restaurant, you will obtain any assets that it possesses. Knowing the condition of these assets is crucial in determining the worth of your possible investment. A restaurant’s most vital asset to assess is its cash flow. You can do this by reviewing the restaurant’s financial statements and calculating any property, depreciation, and amortization. Don’t forget to include contracts, insurance policies, and intellectual property owned by the restaurant in your assets calculations. 



When you purchase a restaurant business, you also purchase its liabilities. Most common liabilities include any company debt like mortgages and loans that should be clear in the business’s financial records. Also, consider tax liabilities accrued by the restaurant. A full audit of the company’s tax records will tell you what you need to know about the business’s financial health before making your investment. 


Don’t Go It Alone

Purchasing a restaurant is an investment that should not be entered into lightly. Restaurant brokers can help you throughout the process, understand your options, and feel confident with your decisions. 


Time To Step Down? Three Warning Signs

In our line of work, we’ve seen it more than a few times – a business gets old, it gets stale, and the passion that created it has waned. Someone who started out as a young professional operates for years and years, gets older and tired of the job, but stays in it anyway.


Whether it’s a family business or a team of partners, knowing when it’s time to step down is important. But how do you know that?


We’ve seen some of the major and most common signs of restaurant malfunction as we work with clients to buy and sell restaurant businesses. Here are a few that may be signs that something needs to change.


Unmanageable Food Costs


This may be one of the more obvious signs of trouble in some cases. When someone in charge of a restaurant’s business model is losing their grip in terms of planning, it often manifests in the form of sky-high food costs. That’s because wasted food costs money, and ineffective management leads to more waste. Not getting more diners in the door on any given table service means food takes longer to turn over, and it gets old or needs to be thrown away. Or worse, it’s not thrown away, but still used after it has turned. Then you lose more customers, and the vicious cycle continues…


Dirty Food


As a restaurant owner or manager becomes less able to micromanage the kitchen in key ways, you see it in the quality of what ends up on the plate. You may see sauces with dried out skins, dangerously perishable food handled at improper temperatures, and more. All of this may be a sign that whoever is running the business needs additional input and assistance from a fresh set of eyes.


The Blame Game


Some people just won’t admit when they’re beat. This type of problem in the restaurant game often leads to finger-pointing and recriminations between the owner, general manager, head chef and some of the rank-and-file servers and kitchen staff who make things happen every day.


In our experience, when the blame game starts, the underlying problem usually has to do with a need for change at the highest levels – changing the management, bringing in skilled consultants, or ultimately selling the business.


We can help with that last one. With excellent business evaluation, feasibility study services and more, Emerald Coast is a restaurant and food service consulting and services firm with a reputation in the area. Call us and get help for the future of your business.

Top Businesses To Open

Opening a business is a monumental task. While creating a business may seem straightforward on paper, in actuality, it is a complex process that can be full of many unforeseen pitfalls. Many people don’t know where to start when deciding what kind of business to open, leaving them to give up on their dreams of business ownership quickly. It can be challenging to decide what company you would like to open, and many people spend their whole lives contemplating the decisions without ever taking action. That’s why we have prepared the three best businesses to get started as we head into the new year.


General Product Stores

General product stores are often viewed as the “backbone” of modern society. With a vast range of goods, supplies, and food products, general product stores attract thousands of customers every day. Regardless of online shopping capabilities, people value physically choosing products from reliable and trusted sources. The expectation consumers have for customer service levels that they receive at small general stores is high, which gives them increased incentive to shop where they know they are valued.


Restaurants & Eateries

The second most popular type of business we recommend opening is restaurants. If you have a knack for cooking, an original idea for a restaurant, or a better version of an existing eaterie, you could be highly successful in the restaurant industry. The restaurant industry took a big hit during the health pandemic; however, it is still just as lucrative to enter, especially with the growing need for food delivery options.


Restaurants are great businesses that can create a long-lasting return on investment when managed correctly and lead with foresight. When starting a restaurant, location is vital. You will want to consult with professionals such as Emerald Coast Restaurant Brokers & Consultants to begin your search for establishments that will fit your needs.


Always A Need For Auto Parts

The final business we recommend opening is an auto part store. Auto parts stores, while not necessarily uncommon, are significantly less common than other forms of stores. However, this does not mean that they are less popular. People need parts for their vehicles, and more than ever, people are choosing to make vehicle repairs on their own. When people’s cars need new oil or lubricant, they swing by to the local auto parts store to pick it up. Auto Parts stores attract tons of customers daily and have established themselves as a necessity of modern society. If you understand and appreciate automobiles, your spin on an auto parts business could prove to be quite successful.



The options of businesses to open are almost limitless, don’t let yourself get bogged down in the act of choosing; make a decision and begin working on your dream.

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