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The Latest and Most Innovative Technology Options for Restaurants to Use

The restaurant industry has adopted new digital solutions and innovative technology for a few years now. Since the pandemic in 2020, when restaurants were forced to “think outside the box” to remain afloat, owners and managers have adopted technology systems to help them adapt to the new digital reality. 

Digital systems and technology have helped several restaurants through the years. The technology has led to an array of changes and updates. Some of the most impressive innovations currently available for restaurants can be found below. 

QR Codes

A QR code is like a bar code; however, they encrypt data horizontally and vertically, which means they can store more information. 

In 2020, QR codes were invaluable for the restaurant industry. Restaurant owners could display a code on the exterior of their building, and customers would scan it on their phones to let them order online. 

They are still being used today due to the convenience and success they provide. Now QR codes are being displayed on tables for customers. When scanned, people inside the restaurant have access to a digital menu. 

This has helped to reduce paper waste printing and even helped to limit contact between the customers and staff. 

Food Locker Systems 

Another innovation that has grown in popularity is food lockers. These are devices that can store chilled or heated food. With these in place, restaurant owners can increase their customer’s overall satisfaction and ensure the food they receive is fresh when they get it. 

The lockers are usually found in different sizes depending on the restaurant or chain using them. Some higher-end restaurants use high-tech food lockers that include a UV light to kill any bacteria present

Even though it is just recently gained traction, the use of food locker systems has been around for quite a while. In fact, these systems date back to 1965 when A Horn & Hardart automat sold sandwiches in these food lockers. 

Self Service Kiosk

These are like the food lockers, and a self-service kiosk lets a customer place an order and make payments without using the services of a cashier. However, the order is received by servers. Also, quality kiosk software will integrate with the restaurant’s POS (point-of-sale) system, kitchen printers, and display systems. 

Recently, a report showed that around 65% of customers prefer to use a self-service kiosk. These also allow you to use more creative marketing ploys, offer more customization opportunities, and even allow you to benefit from digital menu boards. Like the food lockers, self-service kiosks will help you save on labor and increase your restaurant’s revenue

Implementing Innovation in Your Restaurant 

As you can see, there are more than a few ways you can implement innovative technology in your restaurant business. Now is the time to consider making some of these updates and use the services of a restaurant consultant if needed. This is going to ensure that your restaurant is as profitable as possible.

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