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Florida Liquor Licenses

The Differences Between Florida Liquor Licenses

There are three of the basic kinds of liquor licenses in Florida. This video will explain the differences. The 2COP, the 4COP and 4COP SRX liquor licenses. COP stands for Consume on Premises.

The 4COP Liquor License in Florida

To keep it simple, 4COP license is the one you can buy and transfer from one location to another. The 4COP is a liquor license that allows a business owner to sell any type of liquor, beer, or alcohol. Every year, the state holds a lottery in which you can apply to be a part of the lottery and obtain a liquor license for a specific Florida county. Unfortunately, they only give out a few per county per year. That implies anyone else who wants to open a full-service bar will have to purchase one from someone else. The cost of these 4COP liquor licenses varies according on which Florida county they are issued in. Depending on the county, they might be as little as $20,000 or as high as $400,000. Because there are currently no government restrictions governing the price system, these figures are nearly entirely based on market rates. Liquor licenses, on the other hand, appear to hold their worth to the point where private parties and, on occasion, banks would finance the acquisition of a liquor license for a buyer. Before moving a business, it’s always a good idea to double-check what kind of license it has.

The 4COP SRX Liquor License in Florida

The 4COP SRX liquor license is a full-liquor license, with the exception that it must remain compliant with the current space or facility. It can’t be moved to another location. However, the upfront cost difference is significant because these licenses may be obtained for less than a couple thousand dollars and are renewed for around the same price each year. Restaurants must, however, hold and be licensed to house at least 150 people, occasionally more depending on the area. When questioned by government agencies, these enterprises must additionally demonstrate that they sell more food than alcohol. Informally, the 4COP SRX is referred to as a “liquor license with food.” While the liquor license is less expensive up front, the restaurant facility is considerably larger and scaled than a tiny bar, thus utilities, rentals, and build-outs are much more expensive. Zoning and enough parking are two other difficulties that may need to be addressed.


Florida’s 2COP Liquor License

Most people refer to the 2COP license as a “Beer and Wine” license. It’s basically a permit that authorizes a company to serve beer and wine. The establishment can be a restaurant or a simple bar that does not offer food. This license is held by a large number of smaller restaurants and pubs. It is the most cost-effective method of serving alcohol. The cost is usually low, and the license must be renewed every year.

It will be easier for you to grasp operations now that you have a fundamental understanding of these liquor licenses. There’s a lot more to know about liquor licenses in Florida, and it’s always a good idea to consult local professionals when selling or buying a restaurant or bar in the Orlando or Florida area.
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