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Selling a Restaurant

If you’re thinking about selling your business, talk to Marty.

Free Restaurant Valuation & Assessment

The value of a restaurant is perhaps the most important consideration to a restaurant owner when contemplating the sale of a restaurant simply put, a restaurant that is properly valued will generate the most offers and obtain the best sale price. The value of most businesses will be based on more than just its assets.

Pricing your restaurant right is essential to attracting qualified buyers in today’s market. I offer a 100% free restaurant valuation & assessment for owners who are considering the sale of their restaurant. My evaluation will provide an estimate of value upon sale. The restaurant valuation requires financial information, along with all pertinent information concerning the restaurant which is applied to a market approach using restaurant industry metrics and guidelines.

Marketing Materials

Every restaurant is unique. The promotion and marketing services we provide are unequaled and our approach will showcase every distinctive feature in a clear and professional manner, custom designed to sell your restaurant. A combination of our extensive database of qualified buyers, leading internet business sites, internet advertising, extensive direct mail, email and telephone campaigns, and numerous co-brokerage relationships, will aggressively market your restaurant.

Protect your confidentiality

Your confidentiality will diligently be protected. Every buyer prospect is required to sign a comprehensive Confidentiality Agreement.

Find the ideal buyer

Rigorously prescreen buyers, for both restaurant experience and financial ability. The “Ideal Buyer” for a restaurant must be acceptable not only to the restaurant owner, but also to lenders, licensing authorities and the current owner’s landlord.

Secure the deal

We will assist the restaurant owner every step of the way until the Restaurant is sold. Our Motto is "There are never problems, Just solutions."